photo of redacted appearing text in printed mag with censored photo. Photo from Unseen exhibition showing a playboy bunny painting on a screen

As we move into Web 3.0, how can we ensure the potential equity of a decentralised system is realised?
What can we learn from Web 2.0?

We learned that marginalised communities on platforms like social media get continuously censored, unfairly and inequitably. So, we used HUNGER & Rankin’s organic social presence to unite a community affected by Unfair Censorship, to hear their stories and use our platforms to re-publish and re-platform. 

350+ entry stories & 150+ series, 1000's of images of unfairly censored work, all available to the public on our dedicated archival site, a launch Exhibition with NFT gallery Quantus attended by Jefferson Hack, A Sky News interview, global publication coverage, ‘No thank you’s from major tech brands, and a shit load of motivation to make Unfair Censorship impossible.

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