A graphic image of a Fibonacci spiral is contrasted by text saying in multiple fonts - A Rebel with a Cause by Opal Turner

Ideas are forced to stretch across the Metaverse and continents, demanding higher engagement and ROI on smaller budgets. How are we meant to cope?

I believe creatives have a secret weapon we're not using: strategy and planning. Two departments so profoundly and frequently seperated by group agency structures.

I do not believe that creative and strategy are oil and water - art and science are bedfellows, not opposites. We've had industry tradition and stereotypes telling us for decades that creatives are rock and roll rebels without a cause, here to bring delightful chaos. And strategists are the cause, the intellectual, logical counteraction to that chaos.

Somehow, that gap has not been overcome by all our talk of multi-disciplinary creatives and side hustles. I want to know why, or rather if, this separation is necessary. I want to know if my theory is correct that we can use our secret weapon better.

Because I won't be put in a single box, I won't specialise in just one thing, and I won't stop asking why the industry asks me to on one hand and expects even more with the other.

I won't, because I am a rebel with a cause.

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