a pair of green suede sneakers and bag made from seed paper covered in roscomar manifest text in black and green
A pair of beat up white trainers are shot in a black and white photograph and are repeated across a page saying There is an afterlife.
A screenshot of Roscomar on Hypebeast with closeup of sole of white sneaker

Repositioning and relaunching Roscomar as a circular, sustainable and luxury brand required a generalist and hands-on approach that meant going in-house.

Tackling the rife greenwashing and staying both scientifically and emotionally resonant within such a discerning market was a challenging goal. But from brand strategy through to brand idea under Hegarty, and finally, into a complete 360 campaign, Roscomar sprouted into an entirely new proposition for the market.

Within months, some of the world’s top sneaker destinations stocked Roscomar: Level Shoes, Browns, Pantechnicon and more. Meanwhile, a newsletter list in the thousands and an influencer marketing plan took us closer to our clientele, and an advisory board filled with some of the industry’s sustainability thought leaders worked to change production norms.

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