an expressive illustration of orange and yellow flowers in vase on black background
Handwritten text in black with a aged texture and sweeping letters says 'Londons finest vegan fried chicken'
A grafitti style illustration of a set of red lipping drips sit on a black textured background
A mock-up of a 'Duck Soup' logo on pink and yellow backgrounds as an app on six phones
A red name tag badge says 'Hello my goal is: life fitness'
an abstract illustration of a grey and yellow bee from the side
a black lined drawing of a teabag pluging into a white mug
a red swiss army knife illustration has folded out hands instead of knives,each showing different hand positions like 'ok' or 'rock on'
an illustration of a green scribble forming a kite, flown by a person across a large green mountain backed by blue sky
A spinning square speech bubble in blue with black edges that says Mill Talk in baby pink
An abstract and expressive illustration of a colourful green bird
an abstract illustration of blue jeans shown behind a bright orange sale sign with Yellow 20% off sticker
a photograph of a hand holding a small stack of paper to the camera, the front piece has an expressive black llustration of Amy Winehouse
The words The Night Owl are nestled on either side of an illustrated winking owl face
An illustration inside the mouth showing a white swap touching the sides of the mouth near the uvula
A expressive illustration of a snake plant with 2 leaves in a black pot
A graphic illustration combining, sun, mountains, drilling structures, architecture and sculpture sitting 2d behind waves on top of the words Newport Wales
A textured illustration of a hand making the 'OK' symbol in black on white
A black line drawing of a hand holding up pens and pencils in a protest gesture, with blobs of bright colours behind
a white abstract eye, nose and mouth on black texture background
An expressive and somewhat abstract illustration of fruits including watermelon, pineapple, strawberry and bananas
A very expressive black on white drawing of a black and white cats face
An expressive close up illustration in green and gold of a champagne cork
An Illustration of a 'zombie' wacom pen walking
An illustrated angry cartoon bin saying 'bin the hate' in trans flag colours blue, pink and white
an expressive but minimalist portrait of a woman with dark plaited hair and striped jumper.
an illustration of a watch design that has rippled edges on the face
A 9:16 illustration of a red bike topped and bottomed by green handwritten text saying 'bike fitting'
an illustration of sea and birds
an illustration and text that says 'solar ray's with the O an orange sun

A scribbler by nature. 

Self-taught. Very ADHD. Vibes.

Design ⎯ Illustration ⎯ Art Direction

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