Photos of a tote with a F, a sign outside a store that says Finds and a label with an F
One poster and one billboard for Finds
Professional CAD mockup of FINDS, a new kind of retail experience.

The Garage Soho wanted to create a way for the start-ups they work with to try, test and learn from a physical retail presence in the growth of their brand. 

Beyond the practical and revenue challenges of such a model, we tasked ourselves with creating a new shopping experience where the familiarity of name brands wouldn’t exist.

Meanwhile, British High streets were dying as the value proposition for customers disappeared.

So, we wanted to create an experience-led space that tapped into the human truth behind the audiences' desire to be early adopters and bring the thrill of the find to life. 

Finds. For things worth finding.

Working up to CAD planning our retail space and engaging with brands, we worked on Finds from all sides. Fortunately (💔) and unfortunately (COVID-19), our space fell through just months before the country locked down.
Our ambition for Finds, however, has stayed everpresent.  

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