Two yellow polaroids of an arabic man and white woman sit next to the text 'Through the lens of EY People's stories, we will inspire new actions, behaviours and commitments. Change makers. Launching next week.
A tube tunnel billboard of EY poster with smiling black women and yellow box with text
A yellow box sits on a photoset with lights pointing at it, text inside reads 'How will you Uplift Social Equity today?'

It was about time to educate EY's 360,000 employees and the business world, on what Social Equity is, and where to find the companies impressive educational tools and resources.

There was only one way to tell the stories of such a range of experiences across so many countries, societies and people. To come back to the most human and truest lens on this subject in this context and have the stories told from lived experience, by those it has affected at EY.

We created 13 mini-documentaries, one key film and hundreds of other assets charting personal stories from the international and intersectional EY people. We told them authentically and beautifully alongside Director & Writer Bexy Cameron across platforms in a 360 BTL and, soon to be, ATL campaign.

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