A pitch piece we refuse to let go. Because this country needs 35,000 teachers every year.

Whilst a respected profession, most don’t want to teach, least of all those in the target age of 18-30. The sell of teaching totally disconnects from their real lives; to be effective, we have to redefine what teaching means, meeting our audience where they are, with what they care about and references they can relate to.

If you can do, teach.

Hitting the most prevalent negative stereotype about teaching head-on, we subvert the audience’s hard-working and entrepreneurial traits to be ‘teacher worthy’. We’d use pop culture clips that show passion, empathy, leadership, drive, humour and more in all its forms, reframed. With excellent media planning, we could match the ads with partnered shows for maximum impact - think Gogglebox, Rick & Morty and the UNTOLD series.

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