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Anglepoise is such a household name that people use it to describe the type of lamp, not the brand. They wanted to bring the company into a future-facing era with a new generation of the Terry family and talk about the brand’s heritage in ways they'd never done before.

Working with the senior team in-house and under Nick Kendall and John Hegarty, we clarified the brand's vision, mission, and values and turned that into a brand idea: 'Abandon Darkness'.

Leaning into the major cultural reference point for an Anglepoise style lamp - Pixar - and human nature's desire to personify, we used this relatable technique to reposition the brand under the new idea. Laying down its manifesto and take the brand to TV for the first time with stop motion, the lamp itself will tell us how to illuminate brilliance all around us. And ultimately, abandon darkness.

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